Our Experienced Trainers

Asha Gowda

Meet Asha Gowda, a seasoned Yoga and alternative therapist hailing from India. With over 13 years of dedicated practice and teaching in the realm of yoga, Asha has become a guiding light for individuals seeking to forge a deeper connection with their inner selves while attaining mental clarity.

Asha’s journey into the world of yoga was not premeditated but rather serendipitous. Wrestling with stress, anxiety, weakness, and fatigue, she turned to yoga and discovered a path to inner peace and equilibrium. Awakened by the transformative potential of yoga, Asha felt compelled to extend these positive changes to others. This drive led her to pursue an MSc in yoga from Manipal University, where she immersed herself in the profound dimensions of this ancient practice.

Her expertise as a personal consultant and wellness coach garnered attention from a diverse clientele, including esteemed entities like TV channels and even the royal family in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Asha’s passion for organizing retreats has also flourished, providing individuals with a cherished opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life and reconnect with their inner essence.

Omkar S Gothindikar

Omkar is a seasoned yoga instructor with a remarkable 15-year journey in teaching the diverse facets of yoga. He offers a comprehensive array of services, including workshops, seminars, retreats, and corporate yoga classes, focusing on yogasanas and meditation. What sets Omkar apart is his unique ability to harness yoga as a therapeutic tool to address psychosomatic ailments like Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Back pain, Digestive disorders, and more. His expertise extends beyond physical postures and meditative practices; he excels in various meditation and guided relaxation techniques, helping individuals achieve mental clarity and inner peace. Omkar is not just a yoga instructor; he is a stress management expert, offering counseling and support to those seeking to find equilibrium in their lives. His deep knowledge of scriptural studies in yoga philosophy provides a profound understanding of the ancient roots of this holistic discipline, enriching the spiritual aspects of his teachings. Omkar’s journey is a testament to his dedication to the art of yoga and its multifaceted benefits.


Ketki Gokhale

Atman Yoga, founded by Ms. Ketki Gokhale, a beacon of yogic wisdom and holistic well-being. With a Masters in Yogic Science from (Svyasa), Bangalore, Ketki’s journey is rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian yogic philosophy and heritage. Guided by the profound teachings of yogic gurus and philosophers, her perspective on Yoga resonates with the modern world. Her 15+ years of experience in Yoga consultancy, coupled with a decade of propagating Yoga in the UK through private sessions and group learning, is a testament to her dedication.

Ketki’s expertise extends to therapeutic practices targeting various ailments such as Obesity, Arthritis, Anxiety, Hypertension, and more. Her collaborations with esteemed institutions like National Grid, Cambridge University Yoga Society, and London Ayurveda University showcase her holistic approach. At Atman Yoga, we invite you to join us in this transformative journey, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary well-being under the compassionate guidance of Ketki Gokhale.