About Us

Ajna Lavitra is a Yoga, alternative therapies & a sound healing learning community in India

Meaning: Ajna Lavitra refers to third eye of Shiva, which represents the power of Knowledge. symbolizes activity in the spiritual world which signifies the unconcious mind directly link to Brahman.

Started in 2016, Ajna Lavitra is a Yoga, alternative therapies & a sound healing learning community in India with the aim of empowering individuals to re-discover and re-establish harmony within one’s own self and with the natural world.

Asha Gowda

Founder, Ajna Lavitra

Meet Asha Gowda, a seasoned Yoga and alternative therapist hailing from India. With over 13 years of dedicated practice and teaching in the realm of yoga, Asha has become a guiding light for individuals seeking to forge a deeper connection with their inner selves while attaining mental clarity.

Asha’s journey into the world of yoga was not premeditated but rather serendipitous. Wrestling with stress, anxiety, weakness, and fatigue, she turned to yoga and discovered a path to inner peace and equilibrium. Awakened by the transformative potential of yoga, Asha felt compelled to extend these positive changes to others. This drive led her to pursue an MSc in yoga from Manipal University, where she immersed herself in the profound dimensions of this ancient practice.

Her expertise as a personal consultant and wellness coach garnered attention from a diverse clientele, including esteemed entities like TV channels and even the royal family in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Asha’s passion for organizing retreats has also flourished, providing individuals with a cherished opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life and reconnect with their inner essence.

In 2016, Asha’s journey culminated in the birth of Ajna Lavitra. However, Asha’s quest for holistic wellness did not stop at yoga. Captivated by acupuncture and marma therapy, she integrated these practices into her repertoire, witnessing the extraordinary synergy they create. The combination of yoga, acupuncture, and marma therapy emerged as a transformative force, significantly enhancing the overall health and well-being of her clients.

Currently, she dedicates her time to teaching yoga, as well as she offers online and offline sessions to clients spanning Bangalore, Dubai, Bahrain, and also working as a Yoga & wellness coach for Hombale films producer- Vijay Kiragandoor sir.

Asha Gowda’s profound commitment to holistic wellness, spiritual awakening, and transformative healing has not only enriched her life but has become a guiding light for countless others on their own journeys of self-discovery and well-being.

Studio Experience

Yoga is more than just a physical practice; it’s a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness. Explore the origins and principles of yoga that guide our practice today.

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Our individualized personal training focus on each student’s particular needs. Is personal training right for you?

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Our instructors perform hundreds of hours of training to meet teacher standards so they can provide the highest quality workouts.

Important Things You Should Know

Yoga has ancient origins in India, with its roots dating back thousands of years. It has evolved into various styles and forms over time.

Yoga enhances mental clarity, concentration, and reduces stress and anxiety. It promotes relaxation and emotional well-being.

Yoga provides a pathway to connect with one’s inner self and the greater universe. It often includes a spiritual or philosophical component.

There are various styles of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Kundalini, and many more. Each style emphasizes different aspects of the practice.

Yoga often includes meditation to cultivate mindfulness, awareness, and a sense of inner peace.

Yoga postures are designed to promote physical health, flexibility, and strength. They range from simple stretches to complex inversions and balances.

In some yoga traditions, it is believed that there are energy centers in the body called chakras, each associated with specific physical and emotional qualities.

Mantras are sacred sounds, words, or phrases often chanted or repeated in meditation to invoke a specific energy or intention.

Yoga philosophy includes texts like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, and Upanishads. These texts explore the principles and goals of yoga.
Yoga is not just a physical practice; it is a way of life that encompasses diet, daily routines, and mindfulness.

In the modern world, yoga has evolved to include various hybrid and contemporary styles, such as power yoga, hot yoga, and yoga for specific populations like children and seniors.

Research suggests that yoga can help manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure, chronic pain, and depression. It is often used as a complementary therapy in healthcare.